When you’ve met the person who wholeheartedly accepts you for who you are, you know that you’ve met the person you can be with forever. Such was the case for Denis and Michelle.

When they were asked about their love story, they not only told us the details behind their first meeting and the wedding proposal, they also showed their deep love for each other. The couple shared all the good that they loved about one another.

As their Sydney wedding videographer, we had a great time at Denis and Michelle’s wedding. We were inspired by the unmistakable strong bond and love that they have, and we laughed with them as they shared various funny but memorable moments together. The wedding ceremony for one was a mix of emotions. It started with tears as the bride walked down the aisle, and then continued with laughter as the couple exchanged unique wedding vows that had everyone in the room laughing.

On top of the many magical moments that Denis and Michelle shared that day, the day was made even more remarkable having the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour as their backdrop for the wedding. The waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful plants and trees made it the perfect place to celebrate two people’s love for each other.

With all these great moments and charming scenes captured, we were able to successfully film and do a same day edit of their big day, which we showed during the reception and which Denis and Michelle can share and treasure forever.

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