The Onsight Story

Onsight Films is a team of passionate wedding film makers. It was and still is all about capturing real moments from a wedding day, anticiapting the next moment and being in the right place at the right time while filming artistic compositions on the way. A few years on, Onsight Films have grown from humble beginnings to being one of the most saught out wedding film companies in Sydney.

We wanted to bring our combination of passion and experience for filmmaking into a service that would capture couples unscripted, real memories

As we have grown, we have become a trusting, selective and talented team of filmmakers that take pride in our work and love to share with our couples their captured moments.

We love hearing past and potential couples express how our films don’t only summarize a wedding day but move them in a way that they weren’t prepared for when thinking about a “Wedding Video.”

At times, couples have expressed that strangers on social media would leave comments on their wedding film saying that although they didn’t know the couple personally, they were left in tears and felt they knew the couple (even just a little bit) after watching their film.

Receiving feedback like this reminds us of why we started. It’s what makes us want to continue growing, learning, and to never stop finding the best ways to make meaningful films. We feel very grateful when we hear all the positive feedback we get, and continuously set out to make our films even more unique and magical.

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